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    Post by Gregoriouse The Great on Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:32 am

    Good evening sports fans. So Cano is asking for 300 million under Jay-Z's sports agency. The Yankees told him to be more realistic. For crying out loud 300 million in terms of numbers... Cano better be hitting with at least a .450 average and 90+ home runs a season so even think about asking for that kind of money. I say drop the greedy punk. Put Afonso Soriano at second. He probably still has it for one, plus for the fans it has historic value. Thing is Baseball is gradually learning that the big deals never pay off (hello? A-Rod!). Guys who make enough money to get 5 other great talents aren't worth it. those 5 others you could have bought, they'll get you the rings, not 1.

    you got a baseball sports rant? here's the place for it.

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    Post by DuDZiK on Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:38 am

    It seems ludicrous, but the fact of the matter is that baseball as a league is making that much money. Their TV deals, revenue from merchandise and attendance, are raking in stupid amounts of cash.

    If the league, and team owners, are making so much money I don't care if players get that big a slice of the pie. If they don't get paid more as revenues rise accordingly, it just means the owners get to pocket more of it. And quite frankly I don't watch baseball for the owners, I watch for the players.

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