Magic Must Be Restored! - SPOILERS


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    Magic Must Be Restored! - SPOILERS

    Post by alvspr on Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:49 am

    I'm periodically going through my computer to see if i can find any gems that i've kept all these years.

    Here was one that I posted on the 27th of March 2007

    Magic Must Be Restored!

    Regarding metaphors within Terry's books, magic or the gift is a metaphor for skill and talent. If so, Because Jagang is attempting to eradicate magic, he is attempting to wipe out the skilled and talented individuals that inhabit the Sword of Truth world.

    In essence, he is trying to make everyone equal, no better or no worse then anyone else.

    Of course, Richard opposes this philosophy. Richard wants everyone to be their own person and definately does not want to eradicate the skilled and talented people (keeping in mind the metaphors I spoke of earlier).

    With that being said, in Terry's novels and most especially in Phantom, it is explained that Magic (talent) is corrupted and that it is dieing out. So far, with the knowledge we have of the Sword of Truth world, unless something drastically changes, magic will die out.

    It seems to me, that if Richard is to truely "win", not only does he have to defeat Jagang and Jagang's ideals and philosophy etc, but he must also find a way to restore magic and fix the corruption caused by the chimes.

    Terry's writing about the nobility of man kind, so I draw two conclusions from this:

    1. In order to portray the nobility of man kind (and the power of the individual etc) Terry would not allow good to lose to evil.

    2. In the world Terry has created (not world-building I know) in order to satisfy my first conclusion, by the end, magic must be restored.

    It seems to me, that Joseph Ander and now richard were onto something regarding their ideas of magic as an art form. Originality etc. I have a strong feeling that this will play a major part in the final book CONFESSOR.

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