What did we all Think of Law Of Nines - SPOILERS


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    What did we all Think of Law Of Nines - SPOILERS

    Post by alvspr on Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:14 pm

    As the question states - what did you think?

    I know it came out when the other forum was up but I thought we'd pick it up again.

    For me, I thought it was a fast paced read. I was taken aback at exactly what kind of a book it was - I mean I wasn't expecting the Sword of Truth connection at all. I didn't expect the "supernatural" elements either - to be honest I wasn't sure what to expect.

    Getting over that, yes it was a good read but I can't help but think that it kind of "dirty's" the sword of truth world just a little bit. The book itself was ok and interesting, but I'm a literal, practical person and i like things tied up with a nice bow. Confessor to me was the end to the Sword of Truth world and I was happy with that.

    Also, Law of Nines reads like Wizards First Rule in our world. Girl comes to boy's world from a mysterious place. Boy and Girl fall in love. Boy gets captured and held against his will for a chunk of the book. Hell they even end up in the garden of life.

    While I liked the book, and will probably read it again, it kind of leaves just a slightly bad aftertaste.

    I appauld Terry's attempt, but I can't help but think how different things would have turned out if Terry had of written another book, completly unconnected to the Sword of Truth world instead of Law of Nines.

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