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    How I Explain The Books Empty How I Explain The Books

    Post by alvspr on Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:06 am

    Sometimes I'm asked from people who haven't read them, what Terry's books are about.

    Here is a pretty basic summation of what I usually say:

    They're extremely good and not like your average fantasy stories. They're about important human themes and Terry uses the fantasy elements such as magic etc as metaphors for our world.

    Its a fantasy series about the world we live in today. I know that sounds a bit wierd but its true.

    Some of the things he writes about include but are not limited to: the dangers of faith; the power of reason; individuality; perception; the controlling nature of religion and religous bodies; politcs (look for his fifth book for his portrayal of the Clintons); the immorality of collectivism; the power of democracy to invade on individual rights; the morality of someone's actions and what makes someone moral/immoral etc etc etc.

    This is just a brief overview of what his novels are like but these topics are written about in fast paced novels with exciting storylines.

    I highly recommend them. My favourite is the sixth book in his series "Faith of the Fallen."

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