The Rules Do Apply


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    The Rules Do Apply

    Post by rainshadow on Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:32 am

    Just a friendly reminder that the forum does have a few rules. This is because we hope to be a community that is welcoming to all who might stumble upon it. Because of the potential nature of the "Heated Debates" forum, I feel the need to reiterate that the rules ARE in place, and that they apply to all of our forums.

    The "Heated Debate" forum is set up for the purpose discussing potentially hot-button issues that will likely stir conflicting emotions between the members. Feel free to openly discuss these topics. The PI staff reserves the right to declare certain topics off-limits, and if necessary may adjust the forum rules at any time. However, if we DO make changes to the rules, no one will be punished for rules "broken" prior to the amendment, and an announcement will be made in the event of a change.

    Gregoriouse The Great wrote:So were getting more people. And it’s about time I laid down some rules (It was coming sooner or later).

    1) Be respectful and polite
       a.Though it’s not really my preference, others might not like swearing so much. Because this is open for everyone please keep profanity down.
       b. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated
       c.Nonsexual harassment will not be tolerated either
    2) No degrading other users
       a. If you are going to be a bully administrative karma will catch up with you in short order  
    3) No nude or inappropriate images
       a. Sure some of us like this stuff. Not everyone sorry.
    4) Don’t troll

    Hopefully I won’t need to expand on this too much. If you really want to be here it shouldn’t be too much to ask for you to be nice. Consequences vary from warnings, having your profile played with, to being flat out banner. Hopefully none of which will ever happen. As the site admin I trust in your integrity and ability to have fun on this site! My this trust not be broken.

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